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Title: Tactical attacking actions of competitive handball players with different qualifications
Authors: Мельник, Валерій
Пасічник, Вікторія
Левків, Володимир
Ковцун, Василь
Keywords: handball players
stage of long-term training system
group interactions
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Tactical attacking actions of competitive handball players with different qualifications / Valeryi Melnyk, Viktoria Pasichnyk, Volodymyr Levkiv, Vasyl Kovtsun // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. – 2016. – Vol. 16, is. 1. – P. 77 – 83.
Abstract: Improvements of competitive activity in handball associated with the growth of various part of training including tactical training that needs detailed study at various levels of sportsmen qualification. Aim of the research is to determine qualification differences of handball players at different stages of long-term training system. Leading in the game in attack are quantitative indicators of team tactical actions performance in the attack, including: rush, breakaway, positional attack, the total number of attacks and absolute and relative indicators of tactical action finish from different positions, location of throws per game and effectiveness of 7- meter penalty throws. High qualified sportsmen performing in general fewer throws just as less perform them after positional attack. This can be offset by using the number of effective throws or their effectiveness in total. Handball players on the stage of maximum realization of individual abilities demonstrate at extremely low rates of absolute values greater indicators of successful throws and significantly higher indicators of effectiveness both at group and at individual tactical actions during attack. For sportsmen at stage of specialized basic training are more typical parallel group interactions. For representatives of stage of preparation for higher results is observed a significant dominance of crosscd group interactions. However, for sportsmen who demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship (stage of maximum realization of individual abilities) should be determined the combined group interaction. Effectiveness of throws with different localization of their performance has qualification identified differences. The absolute leader and respectively an orienteer for less qualified handball players are sportsmen indicators that appear on the stage of maximum realization of individual abilities.
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