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Title: Use of integral hematological indices for diagnostics of athletes’ adaptive processes
Authors: Коритко, Зоряна
Кулітка, Едуард
Чорненька, Галина
Західний, Василь
Korytko, Zoryana
Kulitka, Eduard
Chornenka, Halyna
Zachidnyy, Vasyl
Keywords: leukogram
hematological indices
extreme physical load
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Use of integral hematological indices for diagnostics of athletes’ adaptive processes / Zoryana Korytko, Eduard Kulitka, Halyna Chornenka, Vasyl Zachidnyy // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2019. - Vol. 19, suppl. is. 1. - P. 214-218
Abstract: The article investigates the changes in blood indices of athletes-runners of various qualifications at a state of rest, in conditions of physical maximum load and during the restoration period. On the basis of leukograms, integrated hematological indices were calculated for substantiation of the adaptation processes to physical load. A total of 35 male runners at short distances were examined. Two groups were formed: the first group included athletes of low qualification (II-III grade) (n = 20) and the second group included athletes of high qualification (I grade - Masters of Sports) (n = 15). On the basis of lesser changes in the leukogram indices, as well as lower changes in the values of integral hematological indices observed in high-skilled runners, it was concluded that athletes of high qualification have more perfect regulation mechanisms of adaptive-compensatory states of organism under conditions of physical load "to refusal". The obtained data confirm that integral hematological indices can be functional state markers for assessing athletes’ adaptive reactions to vigorous physical activity.
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