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dc.contributor.authorZadorozhna, Olha-
dc.contributor.authorOkopnyy, Andriy-
dc.contributor.authorHutsul, Natalia-
dc.contributor.authorKotelnyk, Andriy-
dc.contributor.authorGrashchenkova, Zhanna-
dc.contributor.authorPerederiy, Alina-
dc.contributor.authorPityn, Maryan-
dc.contributor.authorSvistelnyk, Iryna-
dc.contributor.authorЗадорожна, Ольга-
dc.contributor.authorОкопний, Андрій-
dc.contributor.authorГуцул, Наталія-
dc.contributor.authorКотельник, Андрій-
dc.contributor.authorГращенкова, Жанна-
dc.contributor.authorПередерій, Аліна-
dc.contributor.authorПітин, Мар'ян-
dc.contributor.authorСвістельник, Ірина-
dc.identifier.citationImproving kickboxers’ special physical preparedness which accounts for their individual tactical style and technical skills / Olha Zadorozhna, Andriy Okopnyy, Natalia Hutsul, Andriy Kotelnyk, Grashchenkova Zhanna, Alina Perederiy, Maryan Pitun, Iryna Svistelnyk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2019. - Vol.19, is. 2. - P. 1173- 1179. (Scopus)uk_UA
dc.description.abstractBackground. The research was devoted to increase of kickboxers’ special physical preparedness as a basis of technical and tactical improvement in the long-term development. Analysis of the literature enabled to reveal a great amount of researches dedicated to physical training in combative sports. According to the last changes in competition rules (2013), there is a need for scientific researches based on analysis of kickboxers’ competitive activity and factors of its effectiveness. Problem and aim. The issue of physical training in kickboxing is mentioned in a great amount of works. However, an individual tactical style as basis for special physical preparedness in kickboxing is considered fragmentally, especially after introducing changes in competition rules. That points at absence of one approach in its realization at different stages of long-term development. Results and Conclusions. For the solvation of the set tasks there were done several measurements with the help of chrono-dynamometry. The traditional comparison of indices of qualified kickboxers from control and experimental groups before and after pedagogical experiment revealed the dominance of experimental group representatives. This prevalence has been localized in “overall tonnage” of workload, “coefficient of speed endurance”, and “index of glycolytic capacity for work”. It enabled us to assume that application of special physical training program for kickboxers at the stage of specialized basic training gives new possibilities for their improvement. Particularly, the main accent in the program should be made on the athletes’ individual tactical style and technical skills.uk_UA
dc.subjectspecial physical traininguk_UA
dc.subjecttactical skillsuk_UA
dc.subjectindividual styleuk_UA
dc.titleImproving kickboxers’ special physical preparedness which accounts for their individual tactical style and technical skillsuk_UA
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