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Title: Fitness in school physical education lessons
Authors: Chekhovska, Maryana
Shevtsiv, Liana
Zhdanova, Olga
Chekhovska, Liubov
Чеховська, Мар'яна
Шевців, Уляна
Жданова, Ольга
Чеховська, Любов
Keywords: lessons of physical education
high school students
physical improvement
positive results
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Fitness in school physical education lessons / Maryana Chekhovska, Liana Shevtsiv, Olga Zhdanova, Liubov Chekhovska // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2020. - Vol. 20, suppl. is. 1. - P. 420-244. (Scopus)
Abstract: Results of the analysis showeda serious problem of modern school education in Ukraine by overloading pupils with educational subjects and dissatisfaction with traditional content of physical education lessons.In Ukraine, physical education of pupils is an integral part of all pedagogical work. In the environment of student youth an interest in non-traditional means of physical education has increased, which combines various physical exercises and musical accompaniment. Shaping is one of them. The article is about implementation of shaping on school lessons of physical education to high school girls. The shaping system is aimed at the physical and aesthetic improvement of girls, contributes to the improvement of forms and proportions of the body that is essential for teenage girls. The results of systematic shaping classes are positive changes in the body mass of schoolgirls; reduction of body fat; the growth of the shaping figure class. The shaping classes have significantly improved the body structure and proportion that is essential for girls of high school age. The obtained results confirm the expediency of implementation of shaping technologies on physical education lessons at school.
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