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Title: Formation of psychological peculiarities of time-management of modern expert in the field of finance
Authors: Huzar, Uliana
Zavydivska, Olha
Kholyavka, Volodymyr
Kryshtanovych, M.
Гузар, Уляна
Завидівська, Ольга
Холявка, Володимир
Криштанович, М.
Keywords: time-management
financial institutions
psychology of management
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Formation of psychological peculiarities of time-management of modern expert in the field of finance / Huzar U., Zavydivska O., Kholyavka V., Kryshtanovych M. // Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. - 2019. - Vol. 4, no. 31. - P. 477-486. (Web of Science)
Abstract: The article generalizes the psychological peculiarities of time-management of financial experts within the framework of modern understanding of time-management problems. The aim of this research is to substantiate psychological aspects of time-management of a modern expert in the field of finance and their manifestation in theory and practice. The relevance of this research is characterized by the fact that most top-managers haven’t enough organizational skills, compulsory, can’t rationally use personal and working time and aren’t aware in psychological aspects of time-management. The types of time-management are analyzed in the article; the practical characteristics of each type are presented. It is determined that every type of timemanagement for the employees of financial institutions is quite different and requires the using of special forms of work such as diagnosis, activity analysis, designing, individual counseling, individual or group training, and, accordingly, the using of specialized time-management techniques. The notion of «self-motivation of employees» is characterized: authors propose to consider it more as a vital position, rather than as a managerial characteristic. The article presents methods of self-motivation, which have a positive effect on most people. The modern typology of personality depending on the type of self-motivation including the individual approach to a person is presented: purposeful type, gambling type, hardworking type and creative type. The authors give clear symptomatic of the «burnout syndrome», its prevention and practical advice on combating the personnel «burnout» in the company. The conducted research helps to answer on many questions in time-management and personnel management spheres. The classification of time-management and its practical manifestation will help to choose the correctly type of time-management and apply it, effectively use the provided recommendations. The proposed methods of self-motivation, typology of personality will contribute to the formation of a new human behavior and additional motivation in financial sphere and in personal life too.
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