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Title: Teaching approaches in extracurricular physical activities for 12-14-year-old pupils under environmentally unfavourable conditions
Authors: Halaidiuk, Mykola
Maksymchuk, Borys
Khurtenko, Oksana
Zuma, Ivan
Korytko, Zoryana
Andrieieva, Rehina
Strykalenko, Yevhenii
Zhosan, Ihor
Syvokhop, Yaroslav
Shkola, Olena
Fomenko, Olena
Maksymchuk, Iryna
Коритко, Зоряна
Keywords: physical fitness
physical skills
motor activity
physical and mental performance
Chornobyl catastrophe
means and methods of training
basketball section
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Teaching approaches in extracurricular physical activities for 12-14-year-old pupils under environmentally unfavourable conditions / Mykola Halaidiuk, Borys Maksymchuk, Oksana Khurtenko, Ivan Zuma, Zoryana Korytko, Rehina Andrieieva, Yevhenii Strykalenko, Ihor Zhosan, Yaroslav Syvokhop, Olena Shkola, Olena Fomenko, Iryna Maksymchuk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2018. - Vol. 18, is. 4. - P. 2284 - 2291. (Scopus)
Abstract: The methodology for enhancing physical fitness of 12-14 year old pupils living under the conditions of high radiation through extracurricular basketball activities has been justified in the research. Different aspects of the problem have been considered through the prism of pupils’ individual characteristics, unfavourable environmental conditions, magnitude of motor activity and physical and mental performance. Implementing rational teaching approaches to designing the content of extracurricular physical activities aimed at optimizing physical education and raising the level of physical culture into school practice has significantly improved physical condition of pupils and enhanced effectiveness of the education process in general. Comprehensive approach to solving the problem of improving physical education has increased the levels of pupils’ physical and mental performance. The overall motor activity has increased by 18.8%, physical activity – by 17.9%. The results of teaching experiment show that basketball-oriented physical education is more effective under the conditions of high radiation than traditional practices. The obtained data of teaching experiment indicate the increase in physical condition and motor activity of pupils, their level of physical and mental performance and health, which proves effectiveness of the author’s methodology. Therefore, it can be successfully introduced into physical education in school.
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