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Title: Improvement of adolescents adaptation to the adverse meteorological situationby means of physical education
Authors: Gorshova, Iryna
Bohuslavska, Viktoriia
Furman, Yyriy
Galan, Yaroslav
Nakonechnyi, Ihor
Pityn, Maryan
Keywords: adaptation
functional and physical fitness
meteorological situation
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Improvement of adolescents adaptation to the adverse meteorological situationby means of physical education / Iryna Gorshova, Viktoriia Bohuslavska, Yyriy Furman, Yaroslav Galan, Ihor Nakonechnyi, Maryan Pityn // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. – 2017. – Vol. 17, is. 2. – P. 892 – 898. (Scopus)
Description: The research is devoted to the study and solving the problem of increasing the adaptive capacities of adolescents aged 11-16 years to unfavorable meteorological conditions by means of physical education with various forms of training in the system of physical education of students. Analysis of the impact of different physical exertion on physical capacity, on aerobic and anaerobic (lactic) capacity of muscles, quality parameters of physical fitness that have been registered in various meteorological situations, made it possible to identify the effective training regimens for improvement of the adaptive capacity of boys and girls. It was established that the best means of improving of the adaptive capabilities to adverse weather situation are athletics, swimming, basketball and rowing. The efficiency of the improvement of adolescents’ adaptive capabilities to adverse meteorological situation by above-mentioned means is determined by the age and gender factors. Regardless of the gender, going in for athletics, swimming, rowing and basketball in adolescence contribute to effective improvement of the adaptive capabilities to adverse meteorological situation. Going in for boxing and weightlifting does not improve the adolescents adaptation to adverse meteorological situation based on the indicators of functional fitness and such indicator of physical fitness as the results in 1,500m race.
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