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Title: Effectiveness of integral-developmental balls use in complex development of physical and mental abilities of senior preschool age children
Authors: Pasichnyk, Viktoria
Melnyk, Valeryi
Levkiv, Volodymyr
Kovtsun, Vasyl
Пасічник, Вікторія
Мельник, Валерій
Левків, Володимир
Ковцун, Василь
Keywords: physical and mental abilities
ntegral development balls
nior preschool age children
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Effectiveness of integral-developmental balls use in complex development of physical and mental abilities of senior preschool age children / Pasichnyk Viktoria, Melnyk Valeryi, Levkiv Volodymyr, Kovtsun Vasyl // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. – 2015. – Vol. 15, is. 4. – P. 775-780. (Scopus)
Abstract: Present physical education traditionally is considered only as a mean of optimizing the physical status of the person, which generally comes down only to the formation of motor capacity, health improvement of the younger generation at the expense of intellectual and socio psychological development, which limits the possibility of integral formation of the person. In the practice of preschools observed the slow pace of integration of motor and mental development in children that is connected with not effectively organization process of traditional physical education. One of the reasons appears not fully understood in the society mind the multifaceted potential and importance of physical education for the integral formation of the person in the unity of its motor, intellectual abilities and moral qualities. This led to development of innovative programs based on qualitatively new integrative paradigm that reflects the unity and coherence of the motor and intellectual component of physical education of preschool children using integral developmental balls allowing integrated health and educational effect. Learning in motion is one of the modern and perspective directions of motor and mental processes integration that means that development of physical and mental activity must be addressed as a single task. The results of implementation of “Smart Ball” program in the process of physical education indicate a significant results increase (p<0,01) of children physical fitness in EG and CG, except for indicators of flexibility (torso incline from a standing position) in boys, where are false differences (p>0,05). Children who were engaged in experimental program in seven of the eleven types of test achieved significantly higher results (p<0,05 0,01) compared with children of CG that is shown in tests, “tossing and catching a ball”, “ball reflection from the floor”, “speed of brush movements”, “tennis ball throw “, “dynamometry of right and left hands”. Proved that at the end of the experiment indicators that characterize mental abilities got accurate dynamics (p<0,01) in children of EG and CG. However, the increase of analyzed parameters in EG children had more pronounced upward trend, with six of the nine indicators children achieved significantly higher results (p<0,05) compared with children with CG, especially in visual memory, speech, thinking (visual figurative, visually effective, logical mathematical) and attention (amount).
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