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Title: Physical rehabilitation and thermoregulatory processes in athletes with disabilities
Authors: Руденко, Романна
Магльований, Анатолій
Шиян, Олена
Приступа, Тетяна
Keywords: фізична реабілітація
disabled persons
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Physical rehabilitation and thermoregulatory processes in athletes with disabilities / Romanna Rudenko, Anatoliy Mahliovanyy, Olena Shyyan, Tetyana Prystupa // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2015. - Vol. 15, is. 4. - P. 730 - 735.(Scopus)
Abstract: Both physical and sports methods are applied for rehabilitation of athletes with disabilities. Interrelationship of rehabilitation measures implies common goals, tasks and methods. Twenty qualified athletes 32-45 years of age, candidates for the Paralympic national team of Ukraine in archery were involved in the research. All the sportsmen were with traumatic consequences of musculoskeletal system. Methods of analysis and synthesis of theoretical and methodological publications in physical therapy of athletes with disabilities; method of thermography and method of mathematical statistics were used for the purposes of the study. Physical exercise during training sessions put forward excess requirements to physiological systems functioning of those practicing athletes who have traumas of locomotor apparatus. Administration of rehabilitative modalities such as correctional massage, passive exercises and stretching exercises increase the skin temperature indicators of lower limbs and stimulate blood and lymph flow in the area, which is massaged, enhance circulation in the neighboring areas and more remote veins and arteries. After applying the course of physical rehabilitation (6 months) the cutaneous temperature of the dorsum at rest increased by 0,21±0,05˚С (p<0,05); of lower extremities – by 1,51±0,11˚С (p<0,05); and of upper extremities – by 1,35±0,09˚С (p<0,05). Physical rehabilitation of athletes with disabilities promotes the development of compensatory mechanisms, restores and enhances the ability to manipulative actions, corrects pathological condition related to underlying and associated diseases. Physical rehabilitation means application increases thermoregulatory processes, stimulates the work of peripheral vessels, increases metabolism, and improves regional blood flow.
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