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dc.contributor.authorBoretsky, Yuriy
dc.contributor.authorVoronovsky, Andriy
dc.contributor.authorLiuta-Tehlivets, Oksana
dc.contributor.authorHasslacher, Meinhard
dc.contributor.authorKohlwein, Sepp D.
dc.contributor.authorShavlovsky, Georgiy M.
dc.contributor.authorБорецький, Юрій
dc.identifier.citationIdentification of an ARS element and development of a high efficiency transformation system for Pichia guilliermondii / Boretsky Y ., Voronovsky A ., Liuta - Tehlivets O ., Hasslacher M ., Kohlwein S . D ., Shavlovsky G . M. // Curr Genet . – 1999. – Vol. 36, N 4. – P. 215 – 221. (Scopus)uk_UA
dc.description.abstractAn Autonomously Replicating Sequence ele- ment adjacent to the RIB1 gene encoding GTP cyclohydrolase II of the yeast Pichia guilliermondii was identi®ed by transformation experiments. Detailed se- quence analysis unveiled two potential ARS elements located 5¢ and 3¢ of the RIB1 open reading frame. The chromosomal fragment containing the ARS-like se- quence 3¢ to the RIB1 structural gene, called PgARS, conferred high transformation frequencies of 104±105 transformants/lg of DNA to a pUC19-derived plasmid in P. guilliermondii. The PgARS element also conferred autonomous replication to hybrid plasmids in this host. Based on this element a series of Escherichia coli shuttle vectors for e cient transformation of the ¯avinogenic yeast P. guilliermondii was developed.uk_UA
dc.subjectAutonomously replicating sequenceuk_UA
dc.subjectFlavinogenic yeastuk_UA
dc.subjectGTP cyclohydrolase IIuk_UA
dc.subjectTransformation systemuk_UA
dc.titleIdentification of an ARS element and development of a high efficiency transformation system for Pichia guilliermondiiuk_UA
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