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Title: Special physical training program in rhythmic gymnastics group exercises
Authors: Lenyshyn, Viktoriia
Sosina, Valentyna
Osadtsiv, Taras
Ruda, Iryna
Protsenko, Uliana
Ленишин, Вікторія
Сосіна, Валентина
Осадців, Тарас
Руда, Ірина
Проценко, Уляна
Keywords: rhythmic gymnastic
group exercises
special physical fitness
художня гімнастика
групові вправи
особлива фізична підготовка
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2020
Citation: Special physical training program in rhythmic gymnastics group exercises / Lenyshyn Viktoriia, Sosina Valentyna, Osadtsiv Taras, Ruda Iryna, Protsenko Uliana // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2016. - Vol. 14(1). - P. 1340-1347. (Scopus)
Abstract: Group exercises are the most difficult type of competitive gymnastics program because they differ from an individual ones by a number of specific features such as longer, more complex and dynamic composition that is simultaneously performed by five gymnasts; a variety of athletes’ movement interactions; synchronous and asynchronous movements performance done by every team member; using two different forms of hand apparatus and others. Excellent results in group exercises are possible only in terms of maximum consistency of motor actions due to athletes’ compatibility according to the basic parameters of technical and physical fitness. This distinguishes the process of preparing athletes who specialize in individual and group exercise program [1], hence the need to find scientifically grounded approach to the training system.
ISSN: L = 2247 - 8051
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