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Title: Prospects for the Development of Inclusive Education using Scientific and Mentoring Methods under the Conditions of Post-Pandemic Society
Authors: Kryshtanovych, Myroslav
Kryshtanovych, Svitlana
Stechkevych, Oleh
Ivanytska, Oksana
Huzii, Ivanna
Криштанович, Світлана
Keywords: people with disabilities
inclusive education
social-sports rehabilitation
post-pandemic societ
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Prospects for the Development of Inclusive Education using Scientific and Mentoring Methods under the Conditions of Post-Pandemic Society / Myroslav Kryshtanovych, Kryshtanovych Svitlana, Stechkevych Oleh, Ivanytska Oksana, Huzii Ivanna // Postmodern Openings. - 2020. - Vol. 11, is. 2. - P. 73-88. ( Web of Science)
Abstract: The main goal of the article is to identify prospects for the development of inclusive education using mentoring methods in Post-Pandemic society. Inclusive education involves finding a child with special needs in a mass general educational preschool or school institution, mastering knowledge, skills and abilities in the same time frame as a healthy child. The idea of inclusion is based on the fact that the life of children with disabilities should be closest to the conditions and lifestyle of the society in which they are. The study of the inclusion development in Lviv region was conducted in general educational institutions (GEIs), participants of which were respondents with experience in providing educational and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. The research is based on the principles of an expert reach and his competence in a particular problem. It is shown, that in each educational institution there are people with different nosologies, 11% among them are without a status of a disabled person and 89% of children have the status of a disabled person. That is why, in order to ensure the rights of people with disabilities, it is necessary to create a universal design in educational institutions, to increase the qualification of the educational institutions personnel for provision of highquality services for people with disabilities, as well as provision of psychological and physiological rehabilitation for this category of people in Post-Pandemic society.
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