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Title: A method of optimizing the preparation of female wrestlers in the lunar mesocycle
Authors: Subil, Maria
Pervachuk, Rostyslav
Shandrygos, Victor
Svyshch, Yaroslav
Petryna, Roman
Petryna, Lesia
Keywords: women's wrestling
physical capacity
ovarian-menstrual cycle
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: A method of optimizing the preparation of female wrestlers in the lunar mesocycle / Subil Maria, Pervachuk Rostislav, Shandrygos Victor, Svyshch Yaroslav, Petryna Roman, Petryna Lesia // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2020. - Vol.20, is. 4. - P. 1925 - 1929. (Scopus)
Abstract: This article highlights the research material by pedagogical, biochemical, bibliographic methods, as well as methods of mathematical statistics during the process methods of the process of training female wrestlerss during the lunar mesocycle. It was established that the lowest level of both anaerobic and aerobic efficiency of female wrestlers was observed in the ovulatory phase of the ovarian menstrual cycle, and during the menstrual phase individual indicators varied widely as their increase and decrease.It was also found that the highest level of general and special physical performance of athletes takes place in the postmenstrual and post-ovulatory phases of the ovarian-menstrual cycle. Biochemical monitoring has established the lowest catecholamine peaks and the highest fatigue (urea) levels during the ovulatory phase, indicating a cause for poor female wrestlers performance. On the basis of these data, a new approach is proposed for the distribution of loads during the monthly mesocycle of female wrestlers.Namely, symmetrically to the phase distribution of the sympatho-adrenal system during the lunar mesocycle: menstrual cycle - 9%, postmenstrual cycle - 26%, ovulatory cycle - 5%, postovulatory cycle - 29%, yellow-body phase - 20%, premenstrual cycle - 11%.It is known that the sympathetic - adrenal system plays a key role in the organization of adaptive changes in the body, both in the pre-start period, forming a state of pre-start combat readiness, and during the overcoming of the muscles of physical activity.(It is this circumstance that forms the basis of the recommendations on the analytical proposal in the distribution of physical activity by volume and intensity during the lunar mesocycle of wrestlers.
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