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Title: The dependence of emotional burnout on ovarian-menstrual cycle phases
Authors: Korobeynikov, Geprgiy
Lisenchuk, Gennadii
Tushchenko, Valeria
Odynets, Tetiana
Vasylchuk, Volodymyr
Dyadechko, Igor
Bessarabova, Olena
Galchenko, Lia
Pyptiuk, Pavlo
Коробейніков, Георгій
Лісенчук, Геннадій
Тищенко, Валерія
Одинець, Тетяна
Васильчук, Володимир
Дядечко, Ігор
Бесарабова, Олена
Галченко, Лія
Пиптюк, Павло
Keywords: handball
ovarian-menstrual cycle
emotional burnout
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: The dependence of emotional burnout on ovarian-menstrual cycle phases / Geprgiy Korobeynikov, Gennadii Lisenchuk, Valeria Tushchenko, Tetiana Odynets, Volodymyr Vasylchuk, Igor Dyadechko, Olena Bessarabova, Lia Galchenko, Pavlo Pyptiuk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2019. - Vol 19, suppl. is. 4. - P. 1374–1379. (Scopus)
Abstract: Emotional burnout in sports, particularly in handball, is a combination of physical, emotional and cognitive exhaustion or fatigue, but the main factor is the emotional exhaustion. Additional components of burnout are characterized by cupping of stress that can be led to depersonalization. As a result, depersonalization reflected in the reduction of personal achievements in sport and the team as well. There are minimal researches of this condition, especially in handball. The current study examines the determine the degree of burnout in female handball players, depending on phases of ovarian-menstrual cycle (OMC). Data were analyzed via descriptive statistics, method of averages and selective method and correlation analysis. Diagnosis of the psychological state of the qualified female handball players showed that increased levels of burnout were observed in the menstrual, ovulatory and premenstrual phases, which indicated a significant tension mechanisms of psychological adaptation. It proved the presence of the connection between the level of the dominant emotional burnout phase and OMC phases. Due to the fact in handball, as a team sport, there are requirements for individual and team work. There is an urgent need for a leveling effect of the specific characteristics of the female body on the effectiveness of the training process and competitive activities. Our analysis of the results of the psychological state of the female handball players gives us the opportunity to state the need to develop a program to improve the training process of the female players using auto-training in the menstrual, ovulatory and menstrual phases.
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