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Title: Designing Cloud-oriented University Environment in Teacher Training of Future Physical Education Teachers
Authors: Bakhmat, Nataliia
Maksymchuk, Borys
Voloshyna, Oksana
Kuzmenko, Vasyl
Matviichuuk, Tetiana
Kovalchuk, Andrii
Martynets, Liliia
Uchytel, Inna
Solovyov, Valeriy
Manzhos, Elvira
Shelan, Maryna
Alieksiev, Oleksandr
Slyusarenko, Nina
Zhorova, Irina
Maksymchuk, Iryna
Матвійчук, Тетяна
Соловйов, Валерій
Keywords: e-library
parent-teacher e-meetings
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Designing Cloud-oriented University Environment in Teacher Training of Future Physical Education Teachers / Nataliia Bakhmat, Borys Maksymchuk, Oksana Voloshyna, Vasyl Kuzmenko, Tetiana Matviichuuk, Andrii Kovalchuk, Liliia Martynets, Inna Uchytel, Valeriy Solovyov, Elvira Manzhos, Maryna Shelan, Oleksandr Alieksiev, Nina Slyusarenko, Irina Zhorova, Iryna Maksymchuk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2019. - Vol. 19, suppl. is. 4. - P. 1323-1332. (Scopus)
Abstract: One of the most promising means of creating and updating the database of educational and methodological materials are assumed to be cloud technologies (CT). The prospects of cloud technologies have made it possible to assume that, unlike traditional, educational and methodological support developed in the context of cloud technologies, it is open and dynamic, elementarily interchangeable and responsive to a wide range of teachers with different levels of IT competence. Theoretical and methodical principles of pedagogical training of teachers in the conditions of informational and educational environment of a HEI are substantiated: availability of interrelated IT tools system, software tools of cloud services intended to provide openness and accessibility of the selection and modification of teaching aids, organization of interactive training; diagnostic and control of the training at all stages with the aim of possible adjustment of it (application of a person-oriented approach), feedback; multilevel and differentiated approaches in training with the possibility of continuous on-line and offline assistance; flexibility of training organization. The research aims substantiate theoretical and methodical principles of professional training of physical education teachers under the conditions the university’s informational and educational environment. Methods: retrospection, comparison, content analysis; synthesis, generalization, theoretical design; psychopedagogicalobservation, conversations, testing, questionnaires, interviews; pedagogicalexperimentwithqualitativeandquantitativeanalysisofresults, theirstatisticalprocessing (A chi-squaredtestor χ2 test, Microsoft Excel, 2  dispersion, Student’s t-test, thePearsoncorrelationcoefficient).
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