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Title: Perspectives of using athletics means for improving the level of physical health of students
Authors: Dukh, Tetiana
Bodnar, Ivanna
Pavlova, Iuliia
Svysch, Yaroslav
Pavlos, Olha
Дух, Тетяна
Боднар, Іванна
Павлова, Юлія
Свищ, Ярослав
Павлось, Ольга
Keywords: athletics means
physical development
physical health
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Perspectives of using athletics means for improving the level of physical health of students / Tetiana Dukh, Ivanna Bodnar, Iuliia Pavlova, Yaroslav Svysch, Olha Pavlos // Society. Integration. Education : proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. - 2019. - Vol. 4.- P. 123-133. (Web od Science)
Abstract: Abstract. The research aimed at improving the level of physical health with the priority use of athletics exercises. Anthropometric and physiological examinations, methods of determining the level of physical health, methods of mathematical-statistical processing of data were used. A sample of 17–19-year-old students (226 males and 252 females) from Ukrainian universities was tested. The experimental group consisted of 31 males and 33 females, in the control group included 32 males and 31 females. The interventional program consisted of three main units: running, speed-strength and strength activities. The results of scientific research show that only a little part of students had high or higher than the average health. A positive effect through the priority use of athletics means on the parameters of the respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular system both in males and females of EG was established. During the experiment, the level of physical health has grown from the average to above the average in EG students. Among females, 9.1% showed higher than average health level, and 3.2% of males showed a high level, while at the beginning of the experiment there were no students with such levels
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