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Title: Factors influencing the effectiveness of attacking and defensive actions of boxers and fencers of young age
Authors: Nykytenko, Anatolii
Busol, Veronika
Busol, Vasyl
Schubert, Vasyl
Nikitenko, Serhii
Нікітенко, Анатолій
Бусол, Вероніка
Бусол, Василь
Нікітенко, Сергій
Keywords: attack
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Factors influencing the effectiveness of attacking and defensive actions of boxers and fencers of young age / Anatolii Nykytenko, Veronika Busol, Vasyl Busol, Vasyl Schubert, Serhii Nikitenko // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2018. - Vol. 18, suppl. is. 4. - P. 1881 - 1885. (Scopus)
Abstract: The aim of the study is devoted to determine factors that affect the optimization of attacking and defensive actions time of boxers and fencers (rapier) of adolescence. Methods: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, chronometry, psycho-physiological and pedagogical testing, video recording, expert evaluation, mathematical and statistical methods of data processing. Materials: young boys aged 14-15 years took part in the research (16 boxers and 16 fencers who were at the stage of specialized basic training in the children's & youth sports school). Their experience in sports was 5-6 years. As a result it is experimentally established: in the main part of training session the periodic keeping and enhancement of excitation of the nervous system by a set of physical exercises, performed with high and maximum intensity (running with acceleration at a distance of 3-10 meters, jumpings up, imitating exercises), affects the decrease of attacking actions time. The tempo of actions in duels of young fighters influences on the effectiveness of defensive actions: when fights are held at high tempo, the number of boxers` blows or fencers` touchés that reach the target increases; but when fights are conducted at optimal tempo, number of such blows or touchés decreases significantly and the number of reflected blows by boxers and touchés by fencers increases (thus the number of effective defences by young fighters increases).
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