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Title: The interaction of school and family in physical education of first grade students
Authors: Bodnarchuk, Olena
Rymar, Olga
Solovey, Alla
Malanchuk, Halyna
Боднарчук, Олена
Римар, Ольга
Соловей, Алла
Маланчук, Галина
Keywords: school
physical education of first-graders
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: The interaction of school and family in physical education of first grade students / Olena Bodnarchuk, Olga Rymar, Alla Solovey, Halyna Malanchuk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2018. - Vol. 18, suppl. is. 2. - P. 1092-1098. (Scopus)
Abstract: The article substantiates the necessity of improving the interaction of school and family in the issues of physical education of children who start studying at school. The present state of the problem of interaction between school and family in the physical education of first graders is studied. On the basis of the carried out study, some effective forms of cooperation between pupils, parents and teachers were identified and a program of interaction measures between the school and the family was developed, aimed at the formation of a comprehensive and harmoniously developed personality with a responsible attitude towards their own health by means of physical culture. The developed program of measures was implemented in the educational process and proved its effectiveness. The results of the research showed its positive effect on physical development, physical fitness and volume of motor activity of schoolchildren that is confirmed by methods of mathematical statistics. As a result of improved school-family cooperation, the number of schoolchildren involved in sports clubs has increased. Analysis of the obtained results proves that educational work with parents affects the free time of children and the involvement in independent exercises.Accordingly, one of the ways of solving the problems connected with motor activity shortage and deteriorating health of first-graders is to improve the cooperation of different institutions (schools, families, medical institutions, public organizations). Informational, theoretical and methodical work with parents motivates them to engage in active physical exercises together with children, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to recognize the importance of using their own example in the physical education of children.
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