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Title: Features of cardiovascular system indices of women’s football players as a function of their hormonal status
Authors: Budzyn, Vira
Nataya, Zharska
Olga, Matviyas
Lydmila, Rybak
Bazyliak, Natalia
Будзин, Віра
Наталя, Жарська
Ольга, Матвіяс
Людмила, Рибак
Наталя, Базиляк
Keywords: women’s football players
ovarian-menstrual cycle
cardiovascular system
central hemodynamics
physical capacity
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Features of cardiovascular system indices of women’s football players as a function of their hormonal status / Budzyn Vira, Nataya Zharska, Olga Matviyas, Lydmila Rybak, Bazyliak Natalia // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2018. - Vol. 18, is. 2. - P. 769-774. (Skopus)
Abstract: The dependence of cardiovascular activity on the hormonal status of the female body was studied based on the evaluation of central hemodynamics parameters and cardiovascular system indices in each of the phases of the ovarian-menstrual cycle (OMC). The potential of myocardium in women’s football players aged 18-20 is also highlighted. The purpose is to determine the level of the cardiovascular system and central hemodynamics functionality of 18-20-year-old women’s football players in different phases of the OMC, and determine the presence and nature of the links between the studied parameters. Analysis and synthesis of library resources on the effects of hormonal changes during various phases of OMC on indices of athletes’ myocardium functional state; paraclinical methods; methods of mathematical statistics were applied. The study is devoted to a more detailed investigation of the parameters of the bioelectric activity of the myocardium and the central hemodynamics parameters of women’s football players in the various phases of the OMC.
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