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Title: Concept of future sports managers' professional competences formation
Authors: Kryshtanovych, Myroslav
Kryshtanovych, Svitlana
Havrylyuk, Marianna
Криштанович, Мирослав
Криштанович, Світлана
Гаврилюк, Мар'яна
Keywords: concept
sports manager
physical training
scientific approach
pedagogical technologies
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Kryshtanovych M. Concept of future sports managers' professional competences formation / Myroslav Kryshtanovych, Svitlana Kryshtanovych, Marianna Havrylyuk // Ukrainian Journal of Educational Research. - 2017. - Vol. 2, no.1. - P. 57-60.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of the concept of future sports manager's professional competences formatoion.
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