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Title: Improvement of 5-9th Grades Schoolchildren Physical Education in Ukraine by Using Variable Modules Curriculum
Authors: Sorokolit, Nataliya
Shyyan, Olena
Lukjanchenko, Mykola
Turchyk, Iryna
Сороколіт, Наталія
Шиян, Олена
Лук'янченко, Микола
Турчик, Ірина
Keywords: curriculum
variable modules
5-9th grades schoolchildren
educational experiment
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Improvement of 5-9th Grades Schoolchildren Physical Education in Ukraine by Using Variable Modules Curriculum / Nataliya Sorokolit, Olena Shyyan, Mykola Lukjanchenko, Iryna Turchyk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2017. - Vol. 17, suppl. is. 4. - P. 2110 - 2115. (Scopus)
Abstract: The objective of this research was an improvement of physical education among schoolchildren of 5th to 9th grades in Ukraine by means of variable modules curriculum. For this purpose, peculiarities of Ukrainian physical education programmes during late XIX – early XX centuries were generalized; 5-9th grades schoolchildren’s attitude towards the opportunity to choose curriculum modules were found as well as physical educators willingness to apply the variable part of the curriculum; the condition of introducing variable modules curriculum for 5-9th grades at secondary schools were estimated as well as its effectiveness was tested. Methods. Theoretical analysis, generalization of methodological literature and official documents as well as sociological methods (questionnaire of 400 physical educators and 2290 schoolchildren) were used. Data from educational observations and experiments were analyzed by mathematical statistics methods including the calculation of arithmetic means, dispersion, standard deviations and coefficients of variation. Student’s t-test was applied to determine statistical significance of the obtained results. Results. Physical education of 5-9th grades schoolchildren in Ukraine during late XX – early XXI centuries was conducted according to a common state educational programme which did not anticipate any option to choose modules for different kinds of sport. Since 2009, a new curriculum has been introduced based on variability principle and a number of innovations. Our research has shown that teachers and schoolchildren have positive attitude towards these innovations. The programme allows schoolchildren to develop physical skills more effectively. Сonclusions. The results of the research have demonstrated that the opportunity to choose from variable modules in the curriculum positively effects physical performance of 5-9th grades schoolchildren.
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