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Title: Restoration of the Wild-Type Phenotype in Pichia guilliermondii Transformants
Authors: Pinyaga, Yu.
Prokopiv, T.
Petrishin, A.
Khalimonchuk, O.
Protchenko, O.
Fedorovich, D.
Boretsky, Yuriy
Борецький, Юрій
Keywords: Yeast Pichia guilliermondii
recombination types
riboflavin biosynthesis
GTP cyclohydrolase II
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Restoration of the Wild-Type Phenotype in Pichia guilliermondii Transformants / Yu. V. Pinyaga, T. M. Prokopiv, A. V. Petrishin, O. V. Khalimonchuk, O. V. Protchenko, D. V. Fedorovich, Yu. R. Boretsky // Microbiology. - 2002. - Vol. 71, No. 3. - P. 368–372.
Abstract: Pichia guilliermondii strain with blocked GTP cyclohydrolase II was transformed using replicative plasmids and their fragments containing the structural gene RIB1 of this enzyme. Experiments showed that the presence of the ARS element and the promoter region of this gene in the genome of transformants reduces the probability of their reversion to the wild-type phenotype. Different types of recombination in the yeast P. guilliermondii are discussed.
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