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Title: Ability of kata "Sanchin" Kyokushinkai karate to quickly restore the bodies of karate sportsmen after significant physical activity
Authors: Kindzer, Bogdan
Saienko, Volodymyr
Diachenko, Anna
Кіндзер, Богдан
Саєнко, Володимир
Дяченко, Анна
Keywords: kyokushinkai karate
physical training
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kindzer B. Ability of kata "Sanchin" Kyokushinkai karate to quickly restore the bodies of karate sportsmen after significant physical activity / Bogdan Kindzer, Volodymyr Saienko, Anna Diachenko // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2018. - Vol. 18, is. 1. - P. 28-32. (Scopus)
Abstract: The article analyzes the influence of the use of "Sanchin" kata by highly skilled karate sportsmen after significant physical activity and the speed of restoration of the psychophysical state of the athlete's body. Successful performance in competitions is possible with the ability of an athlete to bear significant physical activity inherent in highly emotional and physically exhausting combat and the ability to quickly recover in a short period of time. Extremely important in the preparation of a sportsman-karate is a full-fledged mastering of the skills acquired during the training, and the work was accompanied by an increase in results and did not cause overworked organism. The aim is to investigate and analyze the main indicators of psycho-physical effects on the fitness of an athlete-karate competitor and the impact of the use of "Sanchin" kata on the ability of an athlete's body to be rapidly restored after significant physical and psycho-emotional stresses The analysis of the competitive activity and influence on the athlete's psychophysical state of the load, which is characteristic of the competition of the higher rank in Kyokushinkai karate, is carried out. The regularity of the growth of competitive loads with the advancement of the karate player to the final matches is revealed. It has been determined that more than 30% of the semi-finals and finals of the European Championships in Kyokushinkai Karate have lasted for the last four years the maximum acceptable rules of the competition, which confirms similar characteristics in the level of preparedness of athletes. It is substantiated that in order to fight for prizes, in addition to having a high level of technical and tactical readiness, psychophysical coherence and other components - it is necessary to apply methodical techniques for the rapid recovery of the body after the previous duels. It is proved that the execution of the karate in front of the semi-final and final combat kata "Sanchin" contributes to the rapid restoration of their body.
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