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Title: The paradigm of health maintenance at higher education institutions as an important component of human development in terms of modernity
Authors: Zavydivska, Olga
Zavydivska, Nataliia
Khanikiants, Olena
Rymar, Olga
Завидівська, Ольга
Завидівська, Наталія
Ханікянц, Олена
Римар, Ольга
Keywords: human development
human potential
economic development
paradigm of health maintenance
higher education
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: The paradigm of health maintenance at higher education institutions as an important component of human development in terms of modernity / Olga I. Zavydivska, Nataliia N. Zavydivska, Olena V. Khanikiants, Olga V. Rymar // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2017. - Vol. 17, suppl. is. 1. - P. 60-65. (Scopus)
Abstract: The necessity of increasing the role of the paradigm of health maintenance at universities for sustainable human development is substantiated in the article. The content of the modern principle of human development, according to which the economy exists for the development of people, not the people for economic development is revealed. The analysis of the term "human development" in the biological, psychological and social aspects is presented in the article. The essence of periods and the concept of human development in the light of a health maintenance principle are revealed. The authors have found factors that affect the formation of human development as an entire process. This is an internal development program, which is genetically embedded in the body and is inherited from parents and external factors of biological, cultural and social impact on the human body. Based on the analysis of library resources and our own teaching experience we have presented some mechanisms to improve the educational process in higher education, the essence of the content of basic methodological aspects and perspectives to design the process of health maintenance training. The ways of improvement and development of human nature, the formation of human potential in the light of health maintenance paradigm in the educational activities of higher school on the basis of actual of data obtained during a stating stage of pedagogical experiment. We have supposed that in the process of health maintenance training a concept "competence" should be attributed to such scientific concepts as "capacity", "ability", and "skill". The "competence" is closer to the concepts of "know how" than "I know that." The authors presented a relationship of competences during the health maintenance training and suggested two ways of its development. The competence of health maintenance is declared as complex competencies updating that define the content of this competence. Five groups of health maintenance competences were defined: competences based on the physiological capabilities of the human body; competences based on the human capacity to perform certain tasks, i.e. the ability to learn; competences based on the requirements and psycho-physiological characteristics of future professional activity; competences based on the ability to use a variety of health technologies; competences based on the need to improve one’s lifelong knowledge on health maintenance.
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