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Title: Effect of interval hypoxic and hypercapnic exercises on the respiratory function of orienteers
Authors: Penchuk, Andrii
Vovkanych, Lyubomyr
Keywords: orienteering
supplementary respiration resistance
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Penchuk A. Effect of interval hypoxic and hypercapnic exercises on the respiratory function of orienteers / Andrii Penchuk, Lyubomyr Vovkanych // Journal of physical education and sport. - 2016. - Vol. 16, is. 2. - P. 317 - 320. (Scopus)
Description: The objective of our investigation is the effect of the interval hypercapnic and hypoxic exercises with the supplementary respiration resistance on the respiration variables of the orienteers. The respiratory function variables (BTPS) have been measured at rest and during tests of vital capacity (VC), forced vital capacity (FVC) and maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV15). They were compared with average speed of running on short (2.4 km) and classical (6–8 km) distances. We have revealed a close positive connection between sports result of the orienteers of different qualifications and several variables of respiratory function (RRmax, FEV1, FVC and VC). The increase of sportsmen’s qualification is accompanied by the improvement of the MVV15, MVV% and Tiffeneau index. We study the effect of 30 days of the interval hypercapnic and hypoxic exercises (IHHE) on the important respiration variables. The "Carbonic-01" device with additional volume of dead space from 800 to 1000 ml has been used. We found that IHHE with the supplementary expiration resistance allows improving of RRm, FVC, MVV and Tiffeneau index of the trained orienteers (candidate master). There has been also discovered the up trend of VC and FEV1 after IHHE. Due to the close correlation of the respiration variables and a competitive result, the established effect of IHHE on these variables will contribute to the improvement of orienteers sport achievements.
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