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Title: Self-management as a condition for creating a health culture among students
Authors: Zavydivska, Olga
Zavydivska, Natalija
Khanikiants, Olena
Завидівська, Ольга
Завидівська, Наталія
Ханікянц, Олена
Keywords: self-management
healthy lifestyle
health preserving study
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Zavydivska O. I. Self-management as a condition for creating a health culture among students / Olga I. Zavydivska, Natalija N. Zavydivska, Olena V. Zavydivska // Journal of physical education and sport. - 2016. - Vol. 16, suppl. is. 1. - P. 592 - 597. (Scopus)
Abstract: The necessity of creating self-management skills in the process of health preserving students’ study was grounded. A comprehensive assessment of the lifestyle of graduates was conducted. The characteristics of students forming responsibility for their health during this health-preserving study were revealed. The conditions for the self-organization of a student’s healthy lifestyle via their self-determination, self-organization, selfmotivation and self-realization were determined. Technological content on the formation a health culture among students was created based on self-management. The methodological basis of research is the idea of unity in the world and the main ideas of philosophers and scientists regarding health suggest that it the most important value in life. The preservation and strengthening of the health of students in higher educational establishments must be studied. Self-management was considered in terms of personal autonomy and self-health management as a mechanism for students’ to self-organize their lifestyles. Under these conditions, the main goal of selfmanagement in the health-preserving process is to maximize student’s own opportunities to organize their lifestyle to promote and maintain health. Creating a healthy culture among students is represented as a process that involves mastering expertise and vital motor actions, which result in the ability to manage health and, conduct diagnostic, preventive, rehabilitation, and corrective measures. Was concluded that the formation of self-management in students is a prerequisite for optimizing the process of forming a culture of health. The use of educational technology positively affected the student’s increasing ability to apply health-forming tools.
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