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Title: Innovative mechanisms of improvement of student’s physical education system on the basis of interdisciplinary connections
Authors: Zavydivska, Nataliia
Rymar, Olga
Malanchuk, Halyna
Завидівська, Наталія
Римар, Ольга
Маланчук, Галина
Keywords: physical education system
interdisciplinary connections
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Zavydivska N. N. Innovative mechanisms of improvement of student’s physical education system on the basis of interdisciplinary connections / Nataliia N. Zavydivska, Olga V. Rymar, Halyna H. Malanchuk // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2015. - Vol. 15, is. 4. - P. 758-764. (Scopus)
Abstract: The article deals with the problem of improvement of students’ physical education system in various high educational institutions by creating interdisciplinary connections and enhancing the use of integrative teaching methods. The necessity of cultural (based on a health-related behaviour as a fundamental basis for thinking and activity) and physiological (related to the physical development of an individual) uniting of educational technologies into a single system that will contribute to students' healthy lifestyle during physical education is proved. The article revealed content-focused classes in the content of the newly established interdisciplinary course. Based on the analysis of library resources and our own teaching experience, we present some mechanisms for converting of existing physical education system into integrated educational health-related technology of teaching students considering theoretical and methodological principles of general sports and recreation education. For this purpose we found the interdisciplinary connections between the sciences related to a man and created an integrative course "Fundamentals of Health" that meaningfully helps to familiarize students of various high educational institutions with the general issues of human development, peculiarities of morphological changes under the influence of exercise for a better understanding of the usefulness of physical activity and development of conscious attitude and need for physical self-improvement.
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