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Title: Evaluation system of technique level for children aged 7-9 (who are engaged in dancesport)
Authors: Осадців, Тарас
Сосіна, Валентина
Музика, Федір
Виноградський, Богдан
Osadtsiv, Taras
Sosina, Valentina
Muzyka, Fedir
Vynogradskyi, Bogdan
Keywords: dancesport
technique level
children aged 7-9
спортивні танці
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Evaluation system of technique level for children aged 7-9 (who are engaged in dancesport) / Taras Osadtsiv, Valentina Sosina, Fedir Muzyka, Bogdan Vynogradskyi // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. – 2015. – Vol. 15, is. 1. – P. 9 – 14.
Abstract: The lack of control for the components of technical preparedness among young dancers decreases the effectiveness of training process at the level of pre-basic training. The aim of the study is to improve the system of technical readiness evaluation of children aged 7-9 who are engaged in sport dance. Due to the factors analysis, certain criteria and ways for consideration the informative parameters of technical preparedness are substantiated. These parameters can determine the level of children's mastery in dancesport. The system of the technical preparedness evaluation for young dancers is developed.
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