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Title: Reconstruction of lattice structure of ion-implanted near-surface regions of Hg1 − XCdXTe epitaxial layers
Authors: Vlasov, Andriy
Bonchyk, O.
Kiyak, S.
Fodchuk, I.
Kazemirskiy, T.
Barcz, A.
Zieba, P.
Swiatek, Z.
Maziarz, W.
Власов, Андрій
Keywords: Mercury cadmium telluride
X-ray topography
Graded-gap structures
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Reconstruction of lattice structure of ion-implanted near-surface regions of HgCdTe epitaxial layers / Vlasov A. [et al.] // Thin Solid Films. – 2008. – Vol. 516. – P. 8106 − 8111. (Scopus)
Abstract: The results of X-ray, SIMS, SEM and AFM studies of near-surface regions of Hg1 − XCdXTe (111) and (110) structures have been presented. These structures were obtained during annealing in the vapour of main components of ISOVPE Hg1 − XCdXTe epitaxial layers with the surface implanted with arsenic ions. Berg-Barrett topography method and two-crystal spectrometry technique were exploited. For calculation of depth dependences of deformations and concentrations of dominating defects in the layer's near-surface regions, the Takagi-Taupin equation and generalized dynamic theory of X-ray scattering were used. From experimental SIMS analysis, the distributions of both impurity and main components of Hg1 − XCdXTe solid solution were determined providing more accurately the deformation profiles in near-surface regions of the structures. SIMS and SEM analyses have given evidence of abrupt gradients of content in the Hg1 − XCdXTe solid solution, due to small changes of thermodynamical equilibrium conditions of high-temperature annealing in the near-surface regions. These are the cause of formation of a gradedgap structure with strains in the crystal lattice. AFM studies have demonstrated that the morphology of Hg1 − XCdXTe structures is subjected to the influence of CdTe substrate orientation.
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