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Title: Influence of laser shock waves on As implanted HgCdTe
Authors: Yakovyna, V.
Berchenko, N.
Kuzma, M.
Vlasov, Andriy
Яковина, В.
Берченко, Н.
Кузма, М.
Власов, Андрій
Keywords: HgCdTe
laser shock waves
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Influence of laser shock waves on As implanted HgCdTe / V. Yakovyna, N. Berchenko, M. Kuzma, A. Vlasov // Phys. Stat. Solids.– 2007. – Vol. 4, N 4. – P. 1570–1573. (Scopus)
Abstract: The principal purpose of our research is to show that low-temperature treatment of materials can be successfully used instead of annealing. Laser shock waves (LSW) were chosen as an alternative to form p-n junctions in HgCdTe after arsenic ions were implanted. Electrical characteristics of As implanted HgCdTe bulk crystals were studied to determine the effect of LSW generated by nanosecond laser irradiation pulses. The samples were of n-type conductivity immediately after the implantation. Then LSW processing was performed under increasingly growing laser beam power density and shock wave pressure. The experiment demonstrated that a threshold shock wave pressure should be reached to ensure the p-to-n conductivity conversion in the surface layer of samples. On the whole the results provide evidence that LSW combined with ion implantation can be used to form p-n junctions in HgCdTe
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