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dc.contributor.authorPrystupa, Evgen-
dc.contributor.authorOkopnyy, Andriy-
dc.contributor.authorHutsul, Natalia-
dc.contributor.authorKhimenes, Khrystyna-
dc.contributor.authorKotellnyk, Andriy-
dc.contributor.authorHryb, Ihor-
dc.contributor.authorPityn, Maryan-
dc.contributor.authorПриступа, Євген-
dc.contributor.authorОкопний, Андрій-
dc.contributor.authorГуцул, Наталія-
dc.contributor.authorХіменес, Христина-
dc.contributor.authorКотельник, Андрій-
dc.contributor.authorГриб, Ігор-
dc.contributor.authorПітин, Мар'ян-
dc.identifier.citationDevelopment of special physical qualities skilled kickboxers various style of competitive activity / Evgen Prystupa, Andriy Okopnyy, Natalia Hutsul, Khrystyna Khimenes, Andriy Kotellnyk, Ihor Hryb, Maryan Pityn // Journal of Physical Education and Sport. - 2019. - Vol. 19, suppl. is. 2. - P. 273 - 280. (Scopus)uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe individual approach is an important and effective solution in improving the modern system of athletes’ preparation. This is repeatedly confirmed by scientific data and facts in various sports, in particular in combat sports. This approach also has advantages in kickboxing. In particular, it is important to take into account individual styles of competitive activities ("knockout style", "tempo style", "play style") when constructing the physical preparation of kickboxers. Considering the versatility and special advantages at the ring of athletes each of these styles, it is worth paying attention into their individual skill profiles when planning a training process. Aim: to increase the level of special physical qualities of skilled kickboxers various styles of competitive activity. The proposed author's program for constructing kickboxers’ special physical preparation on the basis of taking into account various styles of competitive activity allowed to obtain generally higher results in the level of manifestation of physical qualities in comparison with the traditional program of physical preparation in this kind of sport. As a result, there were observed the advantages of the experimental group athletes for the indices of "hand dynamometry" (weaker hand) – 6.03% and "pull ups in 30s" – 8.07% (р≤0.05) from the respective indices of the control group athletes. The author's approach to the construction of the physical preparation program contributed in general, to significant increase in the results of control exercises, which determine the level of special physical qualities development; higher relative indices of their increments; absence of the expressed negative direction of training loads. The traditional approach has also demonstrated its effectiveness, but in relation to the author's approach the results of physical qualities development level were lower.uk_UA
dc.subjectindividual approachuk_UA
dc.subjectphysical preparationuk_UA
dc.titleDevelopment of special physical qualities skilled kickboxers various style of competitive activityuk_UA
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