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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Positive selection of mutants defective in transcriptional repression of riboflavin synthesis by iron in the flavinogenic yeast Pichia guilliermondiiBoretsky, Yuriy; Kapustyak, Kostyantyn; Fayura, Lyubov; Stasyk, Oleh; Stenchuk, Mykola; Bobak, Yaroslav; Drobot, Lyudmyla; Sibirny, Andriy; Борецький, Юрій
1996Aspartate aminotransferase from an alkalophilic Bacillus contains an additional 20 - amino acid extension at its fu nctionally i mportant N - terminusBattchikova, Natalia; Koivulehto, Marianne; Denesyuk, Alexander; Ptitsyn, Leonid; Boretsky, Yuriy; Hellman, Jukka; Korpela, Timo; Борецький, Юрій
2011Identification of the genes a¡ecting the regulation of riboflavin synthesis in the flavinogenic yeast Pichia guilliermondii using insertion mutagenesisBoretsky, Yuriy; Pynyaha, Yuriy; Boretsky, Volodymyr; Fedorovych, Dariya; Fayura, Lyubov; Protchenko, Olha; Philpott, Caroline; Sibirny, Andriy
2013Improved method for expression and isolation of the Mycoplasma hominis arginine deiminase from the recombinant strain of Escherichia coliFayura, Lyubov; Boretsky, Yuriy; Pynyaha, Yuriy; Wheatley, Denys; Sibirny, Andriy; Борецький, Юрій
2013Oversynthesis of Riboflavin in the Yeast Pichia guilliermondii is Accompanied by Reduced Catalase and Superoxide Dismutases ActivitiesProkopiv, Tetyana; Fedorovych, Dariya; Boretsky, Yuriy; Sibirny, Andriy; Борецький, Юрій
2014Improving the efficiency of plasmid transformation in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 by removing ClaI restriction siteRachkevych, Nazarii; Sybirna, Kateryna; Boyko, Solomiya; Boretsky, Yuriy; Sibirny, Andriy; Борецький, Юрій
2017Correction of the functional state of 5 - 9 - grade students at rural schools selected for special medical groups due to articular manifestations of connective tissue dysplasia in UkraineTymochko-Voloshyn, R.; Trach, Volodymyr; Boretsky, Yuriy; Dyka, M.; Тимочко-Волошин, Роксолана; Трач, Володимир; Борецький, Юрій; Дика, М.
2002The response to iron deprivation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae : expression of siderophore - based systems of iron uptakePhilpott, C.; Protchenko, О.; Kim, Y .; Boretsky, Yuriy; Shakoury - Elizeh, M.; Борецький, Юрій
1999Identification of an ARS element and development of a high efficiency transformation system for Pichia guilliermondiiBoretsky, Yuriy; Voronovsky, Andriy; Liuta-Tehlivets, Oksana; Hasslacher, Meinhard; Kohlwein, Sepp D.; Shavlovsky, Georgiy M.; Борецький, Юрій
2007Development of a transformation system for gene knock - out in the flavinogenic yeast Pichia guilliermondiiBoretsky, Yuriy; Pynyaha, Yuriy; Boretsky, Volodymyr; Kutsyaba, Vasyl; Protchenko, Olga; Philpott, Caroline; Sibirny, Andriy; Борецький, Юрій