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Title: The problem of socialization of forming of legal culture in cadets-life-savers
Authors: Zarichanskyj, Оleg
Prystupa, Yevhen
Vynogradskyi, Bohdan
Król, Paweł
Bajorek, Wojciech
Rzepko, Marian
Приступа, Євген
Виноградський, Богдан
Keywords: socialization
legal socialization
legal culture
life safety specialist
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: The problem of socialization of forming of legal culture in cadets-life-savers / Zarichanskyj Оleg, Prystupa Eugene, Vynogradskyi Bogdan, Król Paweł, Bajorek Wojciech, Rzepko Marian // Journal of Health Promotion and Recreation. - 2011. - № 3. - P. 21-27.
Abstract: The article discusses the peculiarities of legal socialization of forming of legal culture of cadets life-savers under the conditions of building a modern Ukrainian State. Confirmed, that social norms are the necessary constituent of any sphere of legal socialization of a personality of a cadet life-saver. As an objective reality, they direct a person in complicated processes of social life, aim him at choosing socially approved behavior and activity. In connection with this the task of accustoming the subjects of educational activity to the values of different legal cultures is actualized.
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